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eMAM is proud to be an AWS Technology Partner and part of the AWS Media Intelligence launch. AWS artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools allow eMAM customers to streamline production and increase monetization.

eMAM provides leading organizations worldwide powerful tools to collaboratively produce media.

  • 15 years of meeting the needs of leading organizations in media, government, education, sports, and education
  • Support for the entire life cycle of media assets
  • Integrated automated workflows with over 80 technology partners
  • The first media asset management system to launch in the AWS Marketplace
  • SaaS, PaaS/AMI, and licensed options
  • Full cloud, multicloud, and local/cloud options

What can Media Intelligence Bring to Your Workflow?

Auto-Captioning & Transcripting

This makes media more useful. With AWS, it is available faster and at a lower cost.

AI-Optimized Media Organization & Metadata

Tagging with Rekognition to find objects, faces, etc to make media and key video points easy to find.

Storage Tiering & Processing

Proxy copies and metadata are always available, so original media storage tiers can be optimized, with Elemental always ready to process as needed.


eMAM layers granular access controls over AWS leading security features.