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April 15th - 19th, 2023


eMAM Publish is a powerful system to manage media storage, archive, processing, sharing, and delivery in any number of cloud or local/on premise environments.

The eMAM web interface can manage the storage, processing, and archive of media. Users can quickly search human or AI tagged media, browse, and preview proxy copies of media from any connected device. Media can be downloaded or delivered to any location. It can be shared by branded email or social media and linked to newsroom and publishing/streaming systems. A range of transcoding systems can make different formats as needed. Media can be automatically or manually moved to permanent, low cost local or archive, but all media remains searchable. Needed media can be restored, with some configurations supporting partial file restore.

eMAM Publish can run on one or two servers or VMs to support 25 active defined users. It can be expanded to include additional (or unlimited) users, server licenses for additional locations, artificial intelligence/machine learning tagging, additional workflow features, and scaling/disaster recovery options

  • Media can be ingested by web upload, a local ingest application, from third party systems or watch folder.
  • eMAM manages the transcoding process and extraction of metadata
  • Additional metadata can be added during or after ingest, by human or AI tagging
  • From the web interface, users can search, browse, preview, and organize and download media
  • Users can drag and drop to share media by branded email, social media, and embed links or to deliver in any format to any location
  • Single clips or entire categories and projects can be archive to secure the media and save storage costs
  • Users can be assigned an interface/workspace or they can build their own
  • Group administrators have extensive settings to control access and use
  • System administrators can easily change system settings and define workflows
  • With over 90 technology partners, organizations can trigger integrated combined workflows directly from the eMAM interface
  • Using proxy copies of media saves money and time