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Integrated Solutions | Empress Media Asset Management (eMAM)
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The eMAM Vault media asset management system can run on the new XenData X40 Appliance. The combined solution secures media and streamlines its use.

AWS - Media Intelligence

A solution aimed at lowering costs and increasing revenue through AI & ML technology


Superior shared storage for post production

Object Matrix

A combined cutting-edge solution for archive and governance for large volumes of content.


eMAM can accelerate ingest media of large media to the cloud using Signiant Flight.

Disc Archive Corporation

Great integrated solution for storage and archive. To leverage the advantages of best in class archive solutions, eMAM partners with Disk Archive to meet the ever-growing storage needs of its customers and provide them with a digital tapeless archive workflow.

Collaborative Editing

This whitepaper illustrates how the seamless integration of eMAM with Adobe Premiere Pro CC enhances video editing workflows.

Powerful integrated transcoding with Adobe Media Encoder CC

Adobe Media Encoder CC: a powerhouse for media processing Adobe Media Encoder CC is a media processing application that lets users encode audio and video in a variety of formats.

eMAM - Net-X-Proxy / Net-X-Convert

eMAM along with introduces a very cost effective Proxy generation and Conversion tool to use with eMAM. Upload any video file format, Net-X-Proxy will create a eMAM proxy file. Using Net-X-Convert, opens your workflow to convert your video from one format to another on delivery. View Details

Solution Brief: Net-X-Proxy / Net-X-Convert
eMAM proudly teamed up with Drastic.TV to extend support to Drastic.TV’s Net-X-Code to create 2 new products. Net-X-Proxy and Net-X-Code.


eMAM is a full featured media asset management system, managing media across locations, systems, and workflow processes. Non-editors can use the eMAM system from any browser or native Android or iPad to select media for editing.


eMAM is a complete workflow management solution with integrated technologies to ingest, produce, store, archive, collaborate, share, and deliver content.


The Empress eMAM and MEDIAScaler joint solution delivers accelerated end-to-end workflows— across ingest, collaboration, and archive. Like never before, customers can manage, archive, find, and restore large volumes of valuable media content quickly and easily.


eMAM is a powerful media asset management platform that provides an online proxy library of digital content with rich collaboration tools and extensive third party integrations, while managing native resolution content in any cloud or on premise storage and archive repository.


Together, eMAM with NetApp storage and data management technology can lower costs by providing a variety of storage tiers, types, and locations to meet current and future demands.


This whitepaper is intended to illustrate how the seamless integration of eMAM with Adobe Anywhere® complements the Anywhere® global collaborative editing workflow.


With a continuous news cycle, tight deadlines, and tighter budgets, successful media management can be a critical factor. Octopus Newsroom 8 and eMAM 3.8 provides a powerful combined solution to meet these demands.


Together, Quantum’s StorNext® 5 and Empress eMAM provide a complete integrated solution featuring collaboration, tiered storage management, and archive management of rich content with outstanding performance, power, and scalability.

SGL FlashPack

SGL FlashPack is a complete archive and content management solution. Everything you need for an integrated infinitely scalable media archive is included: hardware, software, support and integration with your MAM or production system.


Designed to meet the demands of today's exponential data growth and long term archive requirements, Spectra BlackPearl enables users to archive assets on affordable, scalable deep storage.


eMAM is an enterprise level media asset management software system that provides a feature-rich online digital library with best-of-breed integrations to provide complete workflows for its customers-now extending for newsroom requirements.


Globalization and the explosive growth in the amount and usage of digital media content have created the need for specialized solutions and tools.

XenData Proactive Archive

With flexible options to secure the ever growing volumes of video content, the combined solution offers powerful options to control media workflows while controlling costs.


Over the last decades companies have amassed vast collections of videotape produced for various communications purposes. Now these tapes are deteriorating and playback equipment is disappearing. This paper will describe how to protect and manage these tapes, and how to make them accessible in an efficient way.