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What’s new in eMAM 5.3?

Asset Metrics:

View the total number of assets, how much storage you use, and where the files are stored.

Multi-Track Audio Isolation:

Select between multiple tracks of audio for playback from the web interface.

Advanced Metadata:

Apply metadata sets at the subclip and marker levels.

Stitch & Deliver:

Smoother stitch & deliver from the web interface.
eMAM 5.3 Highlights

• More cloud formation templates and deployment/purchasing of eMAM Cloud from AWS and Alibaba Marketplaces and emamcloud.com

• More live and file-based workflows including edit while capture, new feeder app, and S3 acceleration.

• More storage and archive options with cloud tiering (AWS and Azure), Qumolo and DAC integration, and turnkey XenData option.

• More control with further encryption, authentication (OAuth & Azure AD), and asset metrics.

• More cloud editing and streaming options with NICE, Teradici, LucidLink, and Media Reactor; sequence stitch & deliver, convert bins to categories, and organize projects in collections.

• More complex packaging options and integrations with Wowza, Vimeo, Teams, and Slack.

• More connectivity with Adobe to improve performance, update your panel now.