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“The cloud” means somebody else’s hardware. Leading technology companies provide powerful options for public cloud storage, processing, networking, with a growing range of microservice offerings. The number of third-party cloud tools continues to increase.

  • Access: with worldwide infrastructure, cloud systems easily connect staff, partners, and customers into one system. eMAM can control who can access which media and what they can do with them.
  • Innovation not depreciation: organizations can leverage new developments from leading providers including artificial intelligence/machine learning, instead of using purchased hardware and systems that lose value and become obsolete.
  • Scalability: OPEX instead of CAPEX means organizations can pay as they go, so they do not need to pay for unneeded peak capacity and can match expenses directly with business needs.
  • Minimize overhead: reduce staff labor costs to support local infrastructure.
Why not the cloud?
  • Last mile: media, especially original camera content, may just take too long to upload. Also, video editors need high speed connectivity to the original media.
  • Budgeting: it may difficult for an organization to budget what their actual costs may be, especially egress charges cloud providers charge for all media exports.
  • Disconnects: some local systems may not work in the or with the cloud.
  • Security: although public cloud systems include world-class security protections, your organization may have specialized requirements that preclude or restrict their use.

eMAM has extensive options for proxy, mezzanine, and remote media use to streamline use, while the original media sits in the most appropriate local or cloud locations to meet performance and budgeting issues. eMAM can manage local processes to work with local systems and storage, so organizations can gradually move to the cloud if and when they are ready.


The eMAM system can run:

  • as a SaaS/PaaS from AWS and Alibaba Marketplaces or from emamcloud.com
  • as a VM on any public or private cloud
  • as a hybrid system, use both local and cloud servers
  • locally/on premise, connected to cloud storage and services