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A great deal of buzz surrounds cloud solutions, but media professionals are rightly concerned about security, transmission time and cost, and incomplete solutions. Empress has long been solving customers cloud challenges, and can now offer an even broader range of solutions.


eMAM is a complete system and can offer a hybrid solution with different pools of content in whatever locations are best for customer requirements. We can manage content online or offline in different locations with different security levels. Admins can dynamically set access and permissions using LDAP or manually at the asset category or user group (role) level.


A major problem for rich media is the online delivery of native content, especially for long form and high definition video. The greatest opportunity for eMAM is to provide authorized users with access to all of the current and historical content through proxy files, with much of the collaboration done online to minimize movement of large files. When original files are required, eMAM can accelerate worldwide delivery and download using Amazon Cloud Front running EC2 servers and S3 storage, Microsoft Windows Azure, ComputeNext cloud service partners, or other CDN solutions. Accelerated transfer systems are available using Unlimi-Tech Software File Catalyst or Aspera Enterprise Server systems.

Complete solution

eMAM is proud to supply its full feature set to manage all of your rich media from the cloud whether content is stored and processed in our dedicated data center, in one of more of your facilities, or in the cloud (see http://empressmam.blogspot.com/2012/10/emam-announces-distributed-workflow.html). As a member of the ComputeNext MediaPaaS marketplace, customers have access to a wealth of cloud services on demand as needed including File Catalyst and the Venera Pulsar QC system. Likewise, users of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace can provision eMAM with Pro Media Carbon MP transcoding and other services as needed. eMAM customers can use Fujifilm Permivault for secure offsite storage and disaster recovery.