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A secure search engine for the company's content.   All the content-the campaign from ten years ago or the current project-all at your fingertips.

Tools to mark up, cut and paste, edit, and share.  From text to 4K video, any format to any platform, social media, website, or device.

Secured according to corporate IT rules and policies, so authorized staff and customers access only what they should.   In the cloud, in different locations, in different systems.   All connected.

Tying together different internal systems and processes.  Simplified.  Automated.  Efficient.

Empowered communications and collaboration in the 21st Century.   See what eMAM can do for you.


Rich media, especially video is the key to engaging audiences. eMAM provides powerful tools for the creation and publication of digital assets.

Each client can have their own historical and current online digital library of content for use or reference in current projects. Authorized eMAM users can create projects or suggest elements to the producers and editors. Editors can use eMAM for review and approval processes.

After editing is finished, eMAM provides tools for sending links by branded mixed media emails or to publish to websites or social media.

eMAM also manages the native resolution content, whether on premise, on location, in the cloud, or in the archive. It can deliver the ads, campaigns, or other content to international markets with conversion to the correct formats in the correct local languages.

Asset access and permissions are tightly controlled at the (sub) category level and linked with allowed user groups defined in the system or by active directory/LDAP. Members of the “Coke” marketing user group would never realize that “Pepsi” content is held in the same system.

Brand Managers

eMAM powers an online digital library. Access is tightly controlled at the (sub) category level, so affiliates would only see “approved assets”, while internal staff and agencies could use the same system to collaborate and develop the digital media-“unapproved assets”. Approvals can then trigger processes, such as automatic sharing to the affiliates.

As an online system, eMAM can be a “single point of truth” for brand protection and marketing communication. Authorized users can use any browser or iPad or Android tablets to access and use the content. Downloads or digital delivery can be facilitated by cloud or CDN storage.

eMAM manages the native resolution content in the any storage location, in the cloud, or in the archive. It can send product information, digital assets, pricing, and other information to authorized recipients, or they can log into the system to find the content directly.

Information Technology

eMAM is based on best of breed technologies and processes

  • Microsoft Server, running on dedicated machines or VMs
  • Microsoft SQL, with search based on its advanced protocols. Standard backup procedures can be used.
  • Service Oriented Architecture, which allows both enterprise scaling as well as a true hybrid deployment between different on premise and/or cloud storage and processing locations.
  • Storage agnostic, so eMAM can support almost any shared network device.
  • Cloud storage and processing using Microsoft or Amazon technologies or the ComputeNext ecosystem.
  • Extensive configuration from the Super Admin Console allows companies to set up the system and make changes without customization
  • Established API and SDK using SOAP, with RESTful under development.

It is easy to support eMAM.

  • One centralized library system to provide access to all of the content from all the locations.
  • One simple system to minimize training and support while maximizing user acceptance.
  • Nothing to install and support on local desktops, except for eMAM Feeder ingest application and native iPad and Android apps.

eMAM can support complete, integrated workflows

  • A series of technology integrations to power combined workflows.
  • eMAM Feeder can support remote ingest from any Mac, Windows or Linux desktop for DPX sequences, text, graphics, and a variety of camera formats. Whether through scanning or drag and drop, complex folder structures are maintained.
  • eMAM can support storage in almost any storage system. Tiered storage management through eMAM or Quantum Storage Manager.
  • eMAM supports all leading archive management systems, including , XenData, Atempo ASG, Archiware P5, SGL FlashNet, Front Porch Diva, 1Beyond EZ Stor, and Quantum StorNext
  • Mezzanine editing-using edit proxies with a final conform to hires- lightens the load on the network when multiple editors are pulling high definition video from the same storage and network.
  • Extensive support for Adobe Anywhere workflows, which allows worldwide real time collaborate editing using standard internet connections while keeping native resolution files secured on premise according to IT security policies.

Use of proxy copies for sharing and collaboration minimizes processing, storage, and transmission. eMAM also minimizes duplicate storage and countless needless downloads. IT staff can push project details, scrum reports, processes, and specifications by email or provide users access to appropriate (sub) categories of assets.

eMAM helps to secure digital assets

  • Multiple security levels restrict user permissions and access in the system. Granular permission settings control almost every system function.
  • LDAP/Active Directory can be used to set up user groups, which maps to categories of allowed assets.
  • Soft digital rights management including tags, descriptions, and color coding to indicate permissions.
  • Hard rights restrictions include placement in restricted categories and subcategories and triggers based on metadata settings (e.g. expiration trigger).
Regulatory Relations and Investors

eMAM provides an online digital library. It can serve as a single “point of truth” for worldwide communications, ensuring only approved content is distributed. Assets awaiting approval can be sequestered into other categories, where only select users can access them.

Stakeholders worldwide can be granted limited access to the system. Alternatively, staff can send mixed media emails to individuals or to entire groups. Regulatory or investor filings, quarterly reports, conference call recordings, and speeches from the board can be easily distributed worldwide. Worldwide downloads can be allowed if the system also uses CDN or cloud storage buckets.

All activities in the system are tracked for each user and each asset to provide a complete compliance trail.

Corporate Communication

Digital assets are the key assets of many modern organizations. eMAM provides a powerful centralized platform for sharing and distributing the key messages of the organization.

eMAM can power a digital library for historical content for use by some or all of the members of the organization. Select eMAM tools or assets can be published to the corporate intranet or website. Additional customizations can be written by the Empress professional services team or by corporate IT using eMAM APIs.

An integrated digital library that indexes all information in all storage systems, reaching across geographical and departmental lines, has tremendous potential for fostering collaboration and communication in a modern corporation. The company can unify and automate disjointed processes and breaking down barriers to more efficiently reach organizational goals.

eMAM can share links or proxy copies by branded email or social media. eMAM manages the native resolution content and metadata, so it can publish to any CDN, OVP, OTT, VOD, or other platform.

eMAM has a set of reporting tools and many standard or third party systems can utilize its standard SQL Server database to generate analytics, KPIs, and other needed information.

Training Department

The eMAM digital library can provide one point of truth for worldwide information and training materials. As processes and systems are updated, changes in the online system can be efficiently shared with stakeholders worldwide to prevent use of older versions.

eMAM can efficiently share video, images, audios, and documents. Proxy (i.e. YouTube quality) videos can be seen from any connected device, take little bandwidth and processing, and are easy to use. eMAM has tools for authorized users to make comments and feedback on video: markers, annotation, subclips, and storyboards, so users can make suggestions or collaborate on draft training programs.

eMAM manages the native/original resolution copies of the digital assets in any on premise, archive, or cloud location. It can publish to other platforms used in training. If linked with a CDN or cloud storage buckets, then users can have the option for worldwide deliver of the native content for local editing, broadcast, etc.

Access to categories of assets can be restricted to select groups of users. Security settings and permissions will prevent unauthorized use of assets.