Video Perfect
DVD and Blu-ray Duplication

Videotape Duplication

No job is too big or too small. From one and up, VideoPerfect can fill your duplication needs. Our duplication center can copy videotapes to and from most formats. We produce high quality, competitively priced copies for both personal and professional use. At our facility, we use high quality tape and equipment for every job. All tapes are checked and labeled according to your instructions.

For those of you sending tapes overseas, we offer duplication in PAL and SECAM Standards.

We offer custom color labeling and packaging.

DVD Duplication

VideoPerfect was one of the first companies in New York to offer duplication. From one and up, we offer reliable and competitive price DVD and Blu-ray duplication.

For use overseas, we offer PAL duplication service from a PAL master.

Blu-ray discs offer 25 or 50GB of storage, well beyond the 4.7GB of DVDs or 800MB for CDs.

CD Duplication

We make high quality copies of CD-Rs. Our CD duplication service includes labeling and case.


Look at the beautiful new high density thermal everest printing for the very best look for your discs.


We have many options available to meet your needs.