Video Perfect
Archiving and Storage Service
It’s "information everywhere"
Your videotapes, DVDs, CDs and pictures are accumulating at an alarming—and unprecedented—rate. There’s no time to manage it, and there’s more to deal with (and lose track of) every day!
And don’t forget the clock is ticking…
Even properly stored videotapes deteriorate. Photographs and slides fade over time. CDs and DVDs get scratched. Digital images get deleted or lost.
Technology changes, too (remember the Betamax?) Don’t wait for the spinning disc on your hard drive to stop spinning.
Transferring your tapes to DVD is NOT an archiving solution
Even though DVDs are a convenient way to watch your videos, they are not an archival medium. DVDs are fragile, and as technology changes and new formats emerge, sooner or later, they will become obsolete.
In a perfect world, your media would be:
  • Organized and catalogued
  • In a Standardized Digital Archival Format
  • Retrievable 24/7 – from anywhere
  • Safe from loss, damage and deterioration
Introducing the perfect solution: The Virtual Library– exclusively from VideoPerfect
Our Web-based technology puts YOU in control

  • A custom data base automatically catalogues and indexes media based on how you need to access it
  • View the selected videos and pictures right over the Internet
  • Intuitive, user-friendly pull-down menus
  • Order copies and have them shipped to anywhere in the world
Safe, searchable—and scalable
  • Secure, password-protected login to the system
  • Searchable by key word or characteristics
  • As your needs change, so can our service capabilities