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What is eMAM?
eMAM is a powerful media asset management platform that provides users an intuitive web interface to collaboratively produce, share, and deliver video and other media. Artists and designers use integrated tools inside Adobe Creative Cloud and Apple Final Cut systems. With built-in tools and over 90 technology partners, eMAM manages native resolution files and integrated workflow processes needed by leading organizations worldwide since 2006 in local, cloud, and hybrid environments. eMAM helps organizations respond to emerging demands with scalability, easy reconfiguration, and multiple ordering options: by purchase, by subscription, or by turnkey cloud SaaS and VM/PaaS.
What’s new in eMAM 5.3?
• More cloud formation templates and deployment/purchasing of eMAM Cloud from AWS and Alibaba Marketplaces and emamcloud.com
• More live and file-based workflows including edit while capture, new feeder app, and S3 acceleration.
• More storage and archive options with cloud tiering (AWS and Azure), Qumolo and DAC integration, and turnkey XenData option.
• More control with further encryption, authentication (OAuth & Azure AD), and asset metrics.
• More cloud editing and streaming options with NICE, Teradici, LucidLink, and Media Reactor; sequence stich & deliver, convert bins to categories, and organize projects in collections.
• More complex packaging options and integrations with Wowza, Vimeo, Team, and Slack.
• More connectivity with Adobe to improve performance, update your panel now.
Cloud Options

“The cloud” means somebody else’s hardware. Leading technology companies provide powerful options for public cloud storage, processing, networking, with a growing range of microservice offerings. The number of third-party cloud tools continues to increase. Using the public cloud gives organizations: Universal Access, Innovation not Depreciation, Scalability, and Minimization of Overhead.

The eMAM system can run:

  • as a SaaS/PaaS from AWS and Alibaba Marketplaces or from emamcloud.com
  • as a VM on any public or private cloud
  • as a hybrid system, use both local and cloud servers
  • locally/on premise, connected to cloud storage and services


Modern organizations rely on rich, storage-consuming media to stand out. As this growing volume of media increases, making it searchable and accessible is challenging, and finding a cost-effective method of accomplishing this is even more so. Our product lines below provide customized and scalable media management features to suit any media-reliant company, in any industry!

eMAM Enterprise scales the complete eMAM Workflow system to meet the needs of the largest organizations for redundancy and scale. Users counts up to tens of thousands can be maintained through LDAP/Active Directory. Any number of servers can be clustered to provide the processing power required. eMAM RESTful and SOAP APIs can be used by your team, by Empress, or by third parties to build additional integrations. Organizational IT, Empress, and one of its system integrator partners can work together to build, deploy, and support a system to meets the needs of the largest organizations.

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Scaled for Major Organizations

eMAM Workgroup combines media management and digital publishing with production asset management. It seamlessly brings together your technical and non-technical users to power the entire life cycle of a media asset within one systems. Producers, editors, customers, marketers, broadcasters, and customer can all access the appropriate content from an interface that best meets their needs, permissions, and technical skills. With eMAM’s extensive third-party integrations, you can replace multiple disconnected processes with a seamless integrated workflow system.

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Production Asset Management

eMAM Publish creates an online library for your video assets, whether they are stored in local storage, in the archive, or in the cloud. Web and tablet based tools allow you to manage and use your content from any connected device. Powerful tools allow review and approval, branded email and social media sharing, digital publishing, and digital delivery of high resolution content in any format to any location.

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Media Sharing & Distribution

The eMAM Vault combines digital asset management, transcoding, and LTO library management into a single scalable system. The simple eMAM browser interface can now manage storage, processing, and archive offering a smart, cost-effective solution. Users can quickly search and preview media using online proxies, while the original high resolution content can be securely archived to LTO.

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Storage & Archive Management