Video Perfect

About Us

With over 25 years of experience meeting the needs of its consumer and business customers, VideoPerfect has the knowledge and focus to get your job done right. VideoPerfect has specialized in many markets including:

The Legal Industry - VideoPerfect can edit, compile, and catalog troves of information in print, photo and video from the everchanging array of digital phones and camera. From security videos to digital tablets, we can get you ready for trial. We have solutions to secure, organize, and transfer your digitized content. We can provide archive solutions to allow cost effective and secure content access for as long as needed.

The Entertainment Industry - Theatrical promoters have come to VideoPerfect to create B-roll and related footage for use in television news broadcasts. Whatever your message, get it out through web sites, DVD or Blu-ray discs, email video players, or many other options.

Advertising and Corporate Marketing - Make, edit, store, and spend all of the content to make and promote your brand. Let us show how you can build and maintain your brand identity.

Museums/Galleries - Create stunning DVD and Blu-ray discs to inform visitors. The vast array of information must be digitized, edited, and shared to provide universal access. Creative staff and organizations make and share promotional pieces using discs and digital media.

Media Industry - Top talent agencies use the facility to edit Sizzle Reels for their corporate clients. We can help you get your talent to the right eyes.

But while the outlets for VideoPerfect's skills continue to change, one thing that has remained the same is their unerring devotion to customer service. "We've been in business for more than 25 years because we listen to our customers."