Video Perfect

Looped Presentations

Looped presentations are perfect when you want your material to play over and over but only want to hit the play button once. At VideoPerfect we can transfer your video to DVD or Blu-ray and program it in such a way so it loops endlessly. These programs are perfect for trade shows, in-store displays, and sales meetings.

If you prefer tape, we can also edit and loop your video in such a way so it fits on a 1, 2, or 3-hour tape.

Regardless of how many times you play a DVD, the image and sound do not degrade. A videotape will start to show signs of wear after only 40 or 50 passes.

Stills from Video

Was your product in the news? Do you need to capture a still off of a security tape? We can capture images from any videotape, DVD, or Blu-ray disc. These images can be printed, converted to slides, posted on the Internet, or used in desktop applications.
Stills from all video formats are 72 dpi. Therefore, print size over 5 x 7 inches is not recommended.

Audiocassette to CD

Do you have old audiocassettes that are beginning to show signs of wear? We can transfer them to Audio CD or convert them to MP3s for you. We can also take sound from videotape and put it on cassette or CD. It's a great way to preserve the sound of the past, and it's much easier to use.